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What is a Peer Recovery Support Specialist/Peer Recovery Coach?

Peer Recovery Support Specialists (P-RSS)/Peer Recovery Coaches (PRC) are individuals with lived experience and specialized training that provide support to individuals seeking to initiate and/or maintain recovery.  


Recovery Coaches/Support Specialists help their clients find their strengths and apply them to having a better life.  They help individuals identify their goals, create and implement a plan of action, and advocate for them.  

A pilot study by a well known treatment center on the efficacy of professional Recovery Coaching found that of 100 patients who received coaching only 26 relapsed, and of those who did, 90%  got back in recovery. 

What is a P-RSS/Recovery Coach?
What do P-RSS/RC's do?
How do I become a P-RSS/PRC?

How do I

become a Peer-Recovery Support Specialist/Recovery Coach?

For more information on becoming a

Peer-Recovery Support Specialist (P-RSS) or a Peer Recovery Coach (PRC) and certification requirements, please contact us at 208.352.0535 or visit our new training program;


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