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Resource Center

Over 21 million Americans are suffering from substance use disorders and many more are at risk. If you are struggling or worried about a loved one,  you can learn about substance use disorders, access resources, and find the help you need here.

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Decision Making Tool

This handbook is for anyone looking for help or information, and for people
who care about them, who may be
misusing prescription pain medications, using narcotics, heroin, or other opioid drugs; thinking about seeking help for an opioid problem; or considering medications that help with recovery from opioid use disorder.


NAADAC Membership

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, is dedicated to the professional growth and development of addiction specialists.

As a member of NAADAC, you will receive numerous benefits designed to help you grow and prosper as an addiction professional  Start taking advantage of your benefits, and your membership in NAADAC pays for itself almost immediately. Dues average only 21 cents per day!

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