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Dosage Probation Program  - SMART Recovery

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Attention:  D1, D2, D5, D6 & D7 Probation/Parole Officers:


Please complete and submit this referral form to refer individuals on your case load to the SMART Recovery Dosage Probation Program whom you feel will benefit from this program.  

Each referral will be contacted within 24 hours for an initial intake, mailed the SMART Recovery Workbook, and attend a minimum of ten (10) virtual SMART Recovery groups with our certified and trained SMART Facilitators.  Participants will also be connected to ongoing local and online SMART Recovery Support Groups.  Progress reports will be provided to you via email.  

If you have any questions please

contact us at 208 795 3018.

We look forward to working with


-The Recovery Support Team at 

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What is a Recovery Coach?
SMART Dosage Probation
Referral Form
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Thanks for the referral! We will be in touch!

Roles of a Recovery Coach
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